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My crime scene cleanup book offers students material not easily found elsewhere. Writing, history, sociology, psychology, anthropology, philosophy, and even vocabulary and critical thinking will help young readers. Whatever age student visits, growth of one's proves that human life has intrinsic value. I plan a very large chapter on real estate since real estate applies to the "land question."

Unlike other crime scene cleanup book writers, I hope to create useful information for young people. Stuff like search engine optimization and Internet marketing also share space in these pages. See my web site menu and frequently asked questions.


A true story by Eddie Evans -- Consumer Advocate

Readers should know that I use this term, crime scene cleanup, in a much broader form than used in its commonly used form, connotation. I use it to inquire after criminal activity and criminality. See my book notes page for my many uses of this term.

From war, to environmental degradation, to the price gouging of victims's families by civil servant monopolized companies, I promote critical thinking applied to commonly held ideas. As a consumer advocate and educator, I find no reason to apologize for rebranding this janitorial niche terminology. See how the discovery of whiteness arose in the 17th century.


I'm Eddie Evans. I'm a cleanup subject matter expert (SME) specializing in homicide, suicide, unattended death, and decomposition cleanup. I plied my skills in 24 states across the United States. From northern New York to San Diego, California, and from Seattle to West Virginia, I've cleaned the aftermath of horrific events. But that's not what my crime scene cleanup book tells about, mostly.

At 18 years old I had placed death and sex in my intellecutal pockets, figuratively speaking. Both remianed for academic considerations over the years while punctuating my daily life as they do other human beings. I finally placed death in sex in the same sentence, without Freud's help.

While thinking on life's big questions, I found a place for both death and sex in one intellectual pocket.

What follows reflects the facts as they apply to my role in the world, as best as I can recall and make sense of life. I try to use facts on the ground rather than "facts" offered to us by corporate media. See my example below.


My working-class experiences show a wanderlust approach to life, like many of my generation's Vietnam veterans.

Like most veterans, my military experience overshadows much of what follows in life. Overall, I should have foreseen the depth of criminality and deception in our world, especially in my own governments -- local and national. (return)


Facts on the Ground

Facts on the ground, boots on the ground.

My first Vietnam operation took place on Hill 65, "War Zone D," in 1965. Fact, unless someone lied to me about the hill's number, or perhaps lied about the country in which I arrived, my fact remains a fact-on-the-ground.

Gulf of Tonkin Incident - Government lies, not fact -

Before, the Gulf of Tonkin incident occured on August 4, 1964 -- fact. Then a phony incident took place. Hear Walter Kronkite report on these events 40 years earllier, now 50. He recounts and then, belately, rejects his previous news coverage.

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution arose as the result of bogus facts. These "facts" prompted the beginning of the USA and Vietnam's war of attrition. The resolution came into existence from questionable facts. One fact establishes a North Vietnamese torpedo boat attack on the US Maddox. A second "fact" falsifies a second attack.

So, one attack occured on August 2, 1964, but not on August 4, 1964 as reported by the Johnson Administration. The reported facts for American (US residents) consumption also left out some need-to-know information for an open society's population. This information would have made a big difference when it came to a congressional vote on the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

That need-to-know information goes something like this: it now appears that the first attack on the USS Maddox resulted in response to a US attack on two North Vietnamese islands by US aircraft a few days prior. Plan 34A we call this once secret plan; now it's part of a historical blip. It should have been resurrected before our invasion of Iraq.

Reports of a second account carried about as much veracity as George Bush's "weapons of mass destruction," lies relating to Iraq. We might consider this piece of history as a weapon of mass deception used against US tax payers.




Vietnam Protests

"The way of Heaven is not at all remote, Wash a human heart and out it comes."   Nguyen Dinh Chieu

Neil L. Jamieson. Understanding Vietnam (Kindle Location 686). Kindle Edition.


A torrent of protest literature appeared almost overnight. The most famous and articulate advocate of resistance was Nguyen Dinh Chieu (1822-1888), who heaped scorn upon those who did not fight the French and despised those who cooperated with them. Those few Vietnamese who seemed to wish to imitate the French were beyond his comprehension. He himself refused all contact with anything of Western origin, even soap powder. It is said he even refused to walk on a paved road, and he forbade his children to learn the romanized alphabet.1' (Kindle Locations 682-685). Kindle Edition

Vietnam, it turned out, sought to maintain a closely nit family-village society rather than the Western social model, alienating life-styles fostered by consumerism. Unfortunately for Vietnam and many other peasant countries (traditional societies), colonialism and then imperialism casts a wide net for scarce, global resources. Among the planners for incursion into Vietnam, we find the Chinese Communist, Japanese Imperialist, and French Imperialists.

Then our own United States brand of "exceptionalism" played dominoes with Vietnam's future. Everyone lost, except Pentagon cronies.

Fear of a communist takeover worldwide added to the ideological thrust of our political ideology. Containing the communist menace meant sacrificing the Earth in the name of democracy, what planners called "Mutually Assured Destruction," (MAD). For the Communist Russians, heading off the evils of capitalism translated into mutually assured destruction as well, killing the Earth, in other words - - so much for communist ideology. Crime scene cleanup applications seem appropriate in this context.

Definitely, applying my crime scene cleanup approach to social problems and such has a match in MAD.

For the Vietnamese, in hindsight, it appears that they were not into MAD, but getting on with life. As of this writing, it appears that the Vietnamese communist gained victory over the American capitalist while losing to capital's worldwide drive for resources. Niki, as I understand, took advantage of Vietnam's right to work rules, no unions. Vietnamese labor rights fell like our dominoes fell.

Unlike our European enemies and our part in Europe's rebuilding following WWII, the Vietnames received no crime scene cleanup help from the US invasion. Interestingly, even though many land mines and cluster bombs were dropped on Cambodia and Laos, neither of these countries receive crime scene cleanup help from the US, which help make these threats to life facts-on-the-ground.

Some readers will recall that Princess Diana gave her good name and money to clearing these countries of our land mines. Farming has become a biohazardous occupation in terms of unexploded ordinance left by US bombings to this day. Can we remember these facts when the Princess Diana's birthdays gain our media's attention?


Racism as Ideology

Theories of race and racism continue to plague humanity, often leading to genocide or near genocide. Some racist theories like those in Nazi Germany claim that humanity has more than one race.

In fact, the idea of race became central to Nazi ideology. It received support from Germany's public school system. An entire generation of German people learned to believe in theories of race and racism. They believed in the veracity of scientific racism. Even today, many people in the world believe in Social Darwinism, a form of scientific racism, which isn't scientific.

Darwin would not approve of it and could not see it as his own work. However, his cousin, Sir Francis Galton did carry on with body type research. His idea that behavior related to facial and body types led to great strides in statistical research methods. Some of today's forensics work owes its background to Galton; phrenology, a bogus pursuit of personality related to head shapes also owes its heritage to Galton. There's some weird stuff out there following Darwin's simple observations of nature in the wild.

And still, we have no evidence for more than one human race, let alone a super race. Hitler's minister of information got it all wrong. Facts-on-the ground tell us that it's the opposite. Genetics proves that humans have more similarities than differences. It turns out that skin color, head shapes, and body types (somatypes) give no evidence of a wide devide between any human populations.=/

Some writers on theories of race believe that the bigotry behind racism shares the same mental schemata (synapses?) as anthropocentrism. Both come from learnng, not inheritance by genes, blood, or bad food. At this late date in the history of racism and theories of racism we should expect some enlightened thinking in an open society. Not so, it appears.

And people remain persistent in their belief of races (see my notes). They often believe that race pass down by blood. Medical science tells us that we inherit our ancestors's physical characteristics by genes, not blood. So much for "nothing is as strong as blood between kin."

Now, commit this name to memory if you are new to theories of race: Bloomenbach.Blumenbach_small.png


What does it say?

It says something like the following:

In many cases, the control of our ideas has big money behind it, no extended family, no tribe, no clan. Media condition our attitudes toward others and our planet, our environments. So here I hope to explain, describe, the source of ideas and who controls these ideas; my goal, to find answers to really big questions. "From where do ideas arise?"

My book also has a more specific direction. It proposes that those same attitudes our crony county employees have toward victims's families have parallel attitudes in the world. This attitude toward others as cash cows also occurs in matters related to nature. Nature, like victims's families, means little if anything to these people. They have a-moral attitudes. Like Wall Street bankers, Earth and people have one value, cash value.


Civil Servant Corruption

One, a small fraction of county employees monopolize death cleanup. Yes, they have a duty for body removal and investigating unusual deaths. They have no duty to meddle in free enterprise. They keep their monopolies by controling information. Families then receive directions to corrupt blood cleanup companies from these crony employees.

Victims' families do not know that business referrals by public employees breach employees's conflict of interest pledge. As a result, victims's families suffer price gouging by corrupt crime scene cleanup companies. No one knows but the guilty. It's control of information that makes the difference between cronyism and free enterprise.

As a result, a weird form of fascism now exists in select county divisions. Coroner, medical examiner in some areas, and public guardian departments contain the bulk of these crony government employees. Yes, public guardians, executors for the dead, derive their power from probate courts. Then they help steal from the dead's family. What next?

This means that homicide and suicide victims's family become victims a second time; once victimized by an horrific act, then victimized by their own tax paid public servants, it all adds up to twice victimized. How could survivors have any idea that they're being cheated by their public servants? Our local governments take no action to stop this criminality.

Two, the control of information by a small number of the super-rich and giant corporations accounts, in part, for war, environmental decay, and propaganda rather than genuine, useful information. We have no free and open elections for our national representatives. Most likely, cronyism at the local level means the same for local elections in the past, now, or in the future.

Money, according to our Supreme Court, has the same powers as individual citizens, free speech. The more money, the more free speech. I have $12, which isn't much free speech up against the Cook brothers, Richard Murdock, or General Electric.

Ironic, it seems to me, that county employee monopolies over crime scene cleanup exists for similar reasons, control of information by a select few. In consequence, our local governments now host thieves in ways not unfamiliar to our federal government's hosting of corporate thieves, albeit in musical chairs fashion.


Why do you have signs on your vehicles promoting this website?

I promote my website on my trucks for a bunch of reasons.

For the moment, we all have the right to advertise our business, beliefs, and more on our personal property. I advertise political issues which happen to overlap with my one-time business and county employee fraud. I also want people to think about important issues like nuclear war, global warming, water shortages, and other important environmetal issues.

For one, advertising leads some people to visit this website. Each visitor gives it greater weight in seach engine ranking. It also belongs to a network of over 700 other websites; all work in my Internet ranking business promoting the whole. Indirectly, a visit to this website helps my other websites.

My work includes marketing web sites, but I'm still "retired," I think. Anyway, every person that clicks my website gives me a visit. Google takes notice of visits.

My writing stands out because I advertise and write for social responsibility and common decency; humanity surely needs my help as best as I can see and hear. Future prospects for human and nonhuman life need another voice, as best as I can judge.

Most people in our society have not learned to think in terms like these, so I'm doing my best to spread the word: it's not about consumerism and the most toys. It's about saving our grandchildren's future prospects. I will write about economics later. Ideas like value depreciation become ideological tools used by economists.

Economic ideas like depreciation devalue the prospects for future generations based upon projections of the future's Gross National Product (GNP) -- facts in the sky. Basically, the idea is that today's harm to our environment gets discounted more if the future looks brighter to evonomists.

This means that poor water quality now become less of a problem because the future will have more money to fix the water problem. Other problems get fixed in the same way, but in the future based upon today's growing GNP. Example: We leave our bicycles outdoors and they rust. We believe that we will make more money in 10 years; therefore, a rusty bicycle is less of a problem in 10 years because we'll have more money to fix or replace our bicycle.

What is the problem with this type of thinking?

Right. It ignores the consequences of damage to future generations' ability to live sustainable lives; it allows for the destructoin of other species's habitat..

Two, like every writer, I believe that I have something to say. Whether or not what I have to say is of any value to others remains for them to find out. It is enough for me to write when I want to write. Besides, after discovering crime scene cleanup corruption in our local governments nationwide, I believe I have a duty to inform the public of this government corruption. It causes heartbroken families to lose thousands of dollars following the death of a loved one. I must advertise what I know, nothing less.

Three, I have a lot of experience doing many different tasks. I'm expected to have a lot of experience because I'm 68 years old going on 69. Since I write website content for money, it doesn't hurt for me to donate some of my content writing to a good cause.

I hope to promote democracy worldwide rather than plutocracy and oligarchy. We need democracy not a ruling 1 percent. So these are the reasons I advertise on my vehicles. It just makes sense to me.

People become used to seeing consumerism's marketing everywhere; yet, we have little experience advertising our own ideas and interests, outside of gang graffiti and such.

We private citizens need to take back our public space and use it for grassroots politics. We must use this space to promote peace, environmental sanity, and economic sustainability, which we do with bumper stickers, tiny stickers. I hope to set an example with my vehicle advertising; I'm more than confident that some young people will remember and use my example, if not remember me.
This web site owes its existence to my crime scene cleanup web site.